Chair Hammock Multicolor With Wood Bar


Hammocks Rada

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Hanging your hammock chair in your backyard so you can enjoy the kids playing, the dog running around or just simply because you want to enjoy the tranquil afternoon reading a book. That is a good way to spend your afternoons or weekends. Plus it will give your home a colorful fill. 
  • Handwoven 
  • In Cotton or Nylon 
  • Cotton Hammocks (70% cotton 30% nylon)
  • (Nylon Hammock) 100% nylon) 
  • For 1 Person

Available In :

  • Hot Colors
  • Combinations between Red, Yellow, Orange,Green etc..
  • Cool Colors
  • Combinations between Blue, Green etc..
  • Pastel Colors
  • Natural Cotton Color ( Beige )
  • Solid Colors


      • Hammock weight 1650 grs/ 3.6 pounds 
      • Body length 1.6 meters / 5.28 ft 
      • Body width = 1 mts / 3.3 ft 
      • Weight support =120 kilograms/260 pounds


      Please Note: Because these products are hand-woven, the colors in the pictures may not accurate represent the colors delivered to you. They are representative of the general color scheme of the options.

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