Brand: Hammocks Rada

For thousands of years the indigenous peoples of the New World have been weaving hammocks. Along with corn, tomatoes, cacao, and potatoes, Europeans learn from the Maya and others the usefulness of a hammock. Hammocks Rada has combined the finest weaving techniques with the highest quality modern and traditional materials to bring you the very best handmade hammock the world has ever produced ! All their hammocks are woven by Mayan families who live in villages around Merida. At Hammocks Rada the majority of the money you spend for a hammock will be return to the community of Mayan weavers.

Hammocks Rada is a family based company that started producing cotton threads for hammocks in 1974, in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Since their beginning, they started producing Mayans Hammocks for the Local Market and for the tourists that came to Merida visiting to the Mayans Ruins around their State and the Historical Center of Merida .

During all these years, they have continued to growing, producing more and better hammocks, helping Mayan handcrafters get some income, offering fair prices, working the economy of scale to benefits their customers and distributes who we have around the world.