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The Finest Hammock in the World

  • It is the Best Hammock of the World, the finest and thinnest cotton string is weave in the best professional way. 
  • This hammock can be very comfortable for 2 persons. 
  • The weave is very tight and when you are inside the hammock you feel in heaven because the soft cotton of the crochet strings give you the sensation of being wrapped in flowers 
  • Also we can make you the color than you wish, the time to produce it is around 4-5 weeks 
  • The Crochet Hammock , definitely is the best hammock of the world!!!



  • Hammock weight 1450 grs/ 3.15 pounds 
  • Body length 2.10 meters / 7 ft 
  • Body width = 2.5 mts / 8.3 ft 
  • Hammock length = 4 meters / 13.13 ft 
  • Weight support =300 kilograms/652 pounds

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